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Visualizing Network Data

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Graph drawing; Graph layout; Information visualization on networks; Netwoprork topology


A network is a set of nodes with edges connecting the nodes. When the graph defined by that set of nodes and edges has other associated data, the result is termed “network data.” Visualizing network data is the process of presenting a visual form of that structure so as to allow insight and understanding.

Historical Background

Although examples of informal drawing of networks and hand-drawn graph layouts can be found stretching back many decades, the discipline of visualizing network data in a systematic fashion dates back only to the availability of computers, with an early paper by Tutte in 1963 titled “How to Draw a Graph” being a prime example. In 1992, the conference International Symposium on Graph Drawingcommenced meeting and their conference proceedings, available from 1994, provide an excellent overall reference to the state of the art in this subject. From around 1990...

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