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Chart; Plot


Graph theory: A set of nodes (also called points or vertices) connected by links called lines or edges or arcs. In an undirected graph, a line from point A to point B is considered to be the same thing as a line from point B to point A. In a directed graph, the two directions are counted as being distinct arcs or directed edges.

Mathematics: A diagram exhibiting a relationship, often functional, between two or more sets of numbers as a set of points having coordinates determined by the relationship. Also called a plot.

Computer science: A data structure representing relationships or connections in lists, trees, and networks.

Data visualization: Any pictorial device such as a point graph, surface graph, or symbol graph used to display numerical relationships. Also called a chart because graphs constitute one of the major categories of charts. Graphs combine two or more straight or circular axes, utilizing one or more quantitative scales. Straight axes are...

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