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Massive Array of Idle Disks

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The term Massive Array of Idle Disks refers to an energy-efficient disk array which has the capability of changing its disk drives into a low-power mode when the disk drives are not busy. Disk drives of the array may be controlled individually or in a group. The term Massive Array of Idle Disks is often abbreviated to MAID. A MAID disk array may have additional functions such as data migration/replication and access prediction to improve the energy saving.

Key Points

The basic idea of MAID is to save energy by exploiting storage access locality. That is, some disk drives which are installed in a disk array are frequently accessed whereas the others are rarely busy. MAID tries to spin down or power off such “low-temperature” disk drives to decrease the total energy consumption. The original papers [1, 2] which introduced MAID in 2002 studied different design choices and configurations. MAID disk arrays are mainly used for archival storage (replacing...

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