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Storage Protection

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Data protection


Storage protection is a kind of data protection for data stored in a storage system. The stored data can be lost or becomes inaccessible due to, mainly, a failure in storage component hardware (such as a hard disk drive or controller), a disastrous event, an operator’s mistake, or intentional alteration or erasure of the data.

Storage protection provides the underlying foundation for high availability and disaster recovery.

Historical Background

In 1956, IBM shipped the first commercial storage that had a hard disk drive. To protect data from bit errors on disk platters, the hard disk drive commonly uses cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and an error-correcting code (ECC).

CRC and ECC cannot protect data from a whole disk failure in which an entire disk becomes inaccessible (for example, because of a disk head crash). The IBM 3990, which was shipped in the 1980s, had the replication functionality in which two identical copies of data were maintained on...

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