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Disk Power Saving

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The term Disk Power Saving refers to the function of reducing the electric power that is consumed in a disk drive. Typically, Disk Power Saving cuts power supply to a particular component of the disk drive or slows down the component. In most cases, the disk drive cannot respond to input/output requests while it is in such a power saving mode.

Key Points

Power modes of modern disk drives are often classified as normal and stand-by. A disk drive in the normal mode is either processing read/write requests or ready to immediately start processing read/write requests. In this mode, all the components are almost fully operating. The disk drive thus consumes higher electric power than in the other modes. In contrast, a disk drive in the other modes cannot start processing read/write requests immediately. In the stand-by mode, the spindle motor is spun down and the head assembly is unloaded to the ramp and powered off; only the controller or a partial circuit of the controller...

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