Encyclopedia of Database Systems

2018 Edition
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Instance-completeness; Relation-completeness


A relational query language Q is BP-complete if for each relational database D, the set of all relations defined by the queries of Q on D is equal to the set of all first-order definable relations over D. More formally, fix some infinite universe U of atomic data elements. A relational database schema S is a finite set of relation names, each with an associated arity. A relational database D with schema S assigns to each relation name of S a finite relation over U of its arity. The domain of D, dom( D), is the set of all atomic data elements occurring in the tuples of its relations. Let FO S be the set of first-order formulas over signature S and the equality predicate, and let FO S ( D) = { ϕ( D)| ϕFO S}. (For a formula ϕFO S with free variables ( x 1,…, x m), ϕ( D) denotes the m-ary relation over dom( D) defined by ϕ, where the variables in ϕ are assumed to range over dom( D).) Let Q S denote those queries of Qdefined over...
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