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2018 Edition
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Updates and Transactions in Peer-to-Peer Systems

  • Zachary G. IvesEmail author
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Consistency in peer-to-peer systems; Update propagation in peer-to-peer systems


In recent years, work on peer-to-peer systems has started to consider settings in which data is updated, sometimes in the form of atomic transactions, and sometimes by parties other than the original author. This raises many of the issues related to enforcing consistency using concurrency control or other schemes. While such issues have been addressed in many ways in distributed systems and distributed databases, the challenge in the peer-to-peer context is in performing the tasks cooperatively, and potentially in tolerating some variation among the instances at different nodes.

Historical Background

Early peer-to-peer systems focused on sharing or querying immutable data and/or files. More modern uses of peer-to-peer technology consider settings in which dynamic data and updates are being made in a distributed, autonomous context. A question of significant interest is how to define...

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