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Type-Based Publish/Subscribe

  • Hans-Arno JacobsenEmail author
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Type-based publish/subscribe is an instance of the publish/subscribe concept, where publications are instances of application-defined types, subscriptions express interest in receiving publications of a specified type or sub-type, and publish/subscribe matching amounts to type conformance checking.

Key Points

The characterization of the type-based publish/subscribe class originated in the programming languages context with the objective of bridging the impedance mismatch in the integration of publish/subscribe abstractions into programming languages. For example, the representation of subscriptions as strings that are parsed, checked, and processed at runtime by the underlying publish/subscribe implementation, are frequent sources of errors that materialize too late due to the inability to properly type check the subscription string at the language level. To enable static type checking, type-based publish/subscribe includes subscriptions and publications as first class...

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