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Service Component Architecture (SCA)

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The Service Component Architecture (SCA) [1] is a collaborative effort driven by a number of software vendors in the Open SOA (OSOA) [2] Collaboration group to facilitate the building of applications and systems based on service-oriented architecture. The final specification for SCA Version 1.0 was available as of March 21, 2007.

SCA is a set of specifications in the area of service composition, assembly, protocol bindings and policy definitions, where the Service Data Objects (SDO) [3] specification is used to specify how service data can be specified and manipulated. SDO provides a uniform access pattern for heterogeneous data sources, such as XML or relational databases. Although SCA and SDO can work independently of each other, they are often used together to provide a full end-to-end framework for defining SOA applications and systems.

Key Points

Conceptually, SOA is an architecture principle to enable software applications to be exposed as services....

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