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Database Adapter and Connector

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Database connectivity


A database connector is a software that connects an application to any database. A database adapter is an implementation of a database connector. The connector is more at the conceptual level, while the adapter is at the implementation level, though they refer to the same thing. For simplicity, in the remaining parts of this entry, a database adapter will not be explicitly distinguished from a database connector, i.e., they are used to have the same meaning in the rest sections. Unlike the way to access data with a fixed schema, stored procedures, or queues, one can access table data directly and transparently with a database adapter.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) [2] and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) [4] are two main database adapters to execute Structured Query Language (SQL) statements and retrieve results.

Historical Background

Before the universal database adapters, one has to write code that talks to a particular database using an...

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