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ETL using Web data extraction techniques


As ETL (acronym for extraction, transformation, and loading) is a well-established technology for the extraction of data from several sources, their cleansing, normalization, and insertion into a data warehouse (e.g., a business intelligence system), Web ETL stands for an ETL process where the external data to be inserted into the data warehouse is extracted from semi-structured Web pages (e.g., in HTML or PDF format) using Web data extraction techniques.

Particularly, back-end interchange of structured data just using the Web, e.g., two database systems exchanging data with Web electronic data interchange (EDI) technology (EDI stands for techniques and standards for the transmission of structured data, e.g., over the Web, in an application-to-application context.), is not a Web ETL process as no semi-structured data needs to be transformed using Web data extraction techniques.

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