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Data Stream

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Continuous data feed


A data stream S is an ordered collection of data items, s 1, s 2, , having the following properties:
  • Data items are continuously generated by one or more sources and sent to one or more processing entities.

  • The arrival order of data items cannot be controlled by the processing entities.

For instance, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be interested in monitoring the traffic on one or more of its links. In this case, the data stream consists of data packets flowing through the network. The processing entities, e.g., monitoring software, may be located directly on routers inside the ISP’s network or on remote nodes.

Data streams may be classified into two types: based and derived. A base stream arrives directly from the source. A derived stream is a pre-processed base stream, e.g., an intermediate result of a query or a sub-query over one or more base streams. In the network monitoring scenario, the base stream corresponds to the actual IP...

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