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Stack-Based Query Language

  • Kazimierz SubietaEmail author
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Stack-Based Query Language [1] is a query and programming language devoted to object-oriented database models. SBQL is the result of investigations into a uniform theoretical and conceptual basis for object-oriented query languages integrated with programming capabilities and abstractions, including database abstractions: updatable views, stored procedures and transactions. SBQL is developed according to the Stack-Based Architecture (SBA) [3, 2] that is a conceptual frame for developing object-oriented query and programming languages. SBQL has the same role and meaning as object algebras, but it is much more universal and formally precise. SBQL deal with object store models that include complex objects, associations, classes, types, methods, inheritance, dynamic roles, encapsulation, polymorphism, semi-structured data, and other features. The functionality of SBQL includes all well-known query operators (selection, projection, navigation, path expressions,...

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Recommended Reading

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