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OWL: Web Ontology Language

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Web ontology language


The Web Ontology Language OWL is a language for defining ontologies on the Web. An OWL Ontology describes a domain in terms of classes, properties and individuals and may include rich descriptions of the characteristics of those objects. OWL ontologies can be used to describe the properties of Web resources. Where earlier representation languages have been used to develop tools and ontologies for specific user-communities in areas such as sciences, health and e-commerce, they were not necessarily designed to be compatible with the World Wide Web, or more specifically the Semantic Web, as is the case with OWL.

Features of OWL are a collection of expressive operators for concept description including boolean operators (intersection, union and complement), plus explicit quantifiers for properties and relationships; the ability to specify characteristics of properties, such as transitivity or domains and ranges; a well defined semantics...

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