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2018 Edition
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Sequenced Semantics

  • Michael H. BöhlenEmail author
  • Christian S. JensenEmail author
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Sequenced semantics make it possible to generalize a query language statement on a nontemporal database to a temporal query on a corresponding temporal, interval time-stamped database by applying minor syntactic modifications to the statement that are independent of the particular statement. The semantics of such a generalized statement is consistent with considering the temporal database as being composed of a sequence of nontemporal database states. Sequenced semantics takes into account the interval timestamps of the argument tuples when forming the interval timestamps associated with result tuples, as well as permits the use of additional timestamp-related predicates in statements.

Key Points

A question that has intrigued temporal database researchers for years is how to systematically generalize nontemporal query language statements, i.e., queries on nontemporal databases, to apply to corresponding temporal databases. A prominent approach is to view a temporal database...

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