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Content-Based Video Retrieval

  • Cathal GurrinEmail author
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Digital video retrieval; Digital video search


Content-based Video Retrieval refers to the provision of search facilities over archives of digital video content, where these search facilities are based on the outcome of an analysis of digital video content to extract indexable data for the search process.

Historical Background

As the volume of digital video data in existence constantly increases, the resulting vast archives of professional video content and UCC (User Created Content) are presenting an opportunity for the development of content-based video retrieval systems. Content-based video retrieval system development was initially lead by academic research such as the Informedia Digital Video Library [3] from CMU and the Físchlár Digital Video Suite [6] from DCU (Dublin City University). Both of these systems operated over thousands of hours of content, however digital video search has now become an everyday WWW phenomenon, with millions of items of digital...

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