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Video Summarization

  • Chong-Wah NgoEmail author
  • Feng Wang
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Video abstraction; Video skimming


Video summarization is to generate a short summary of the content of a longer video document by selecting and presenting the most informative or interesting materials for potential users. The output summary is usually composed of a set of keyframes or video clips extracted from the original video with some editing process. The aim of video summarization is to speed up browsing of a large collection of video data, and achieve efficient access and representation of the video content. By watching the summary, users can make quick decisions on the usefulness of the video. Dependent on applications and target users, the evaluation of summary often involves usability studies to measure the content informativeness and quality of a summary.

Historical Background

Due to the advance of web technologies and the popularity of video capture devices in the past few decades, the amount of video data is dramatically increasing. This creates a...

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