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Multimedia Data

  • Ramesh JainEmail author
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Multimodal data


Multimedia in principle means data of more than one medium. It usually refers to data representing multiple types of medium to capture information and experiences related to objects and events. Commonly used forms of data are numbers, alphanumeric, text, images, audio, and video. In common usage, people refer a data set as multimedia only when time-dependent data such as audio and video are involved.

Historical Background

In early stages of computing, the major applications were scientific computations. In these applications, computers dealt with numbers and were programmed to carry out a sequence of calculations to solve a scientific problem. As people realized power of computing, new applications started emerging. Alphanumeric data was the next type of data to be used in different applications. In early days, these applications were mostly related to businesses. These applications were mostly to store large volumes of data to find desired...

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