Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

  • R. Mascarenhas
  • M. Salata
  • S. J. Nho
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As techniques in minimally invasive hip surgery evolve, there is increasing opportunity to treat peritrochanteric hip conditions endoscopically. The collective diagnosis of greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS) includes trochanteric bursitis, gluteus medius and minimus tears, and external snapping hip syndrome (coxa saltans). Most of these conditions can be accurately diagnosed with routine history and physical examinations aided by plain radiographs, MRI, CT scans, and ultrasonography. Nonsurgical treatment is generally the first line of treatment and most conditions will improve with oral anti-inflammatories and directed physical therapy programs. Diagnostic and therapeutic injections are useful in narrowing down the diagnosis and may also provide treatment for many ailments outside the hip joint. Minimally invasive surgical interventions via endoscopy have expanded dramatically in this area and continue to grow as we further understand the treatment pathology and select appropriate patients for surgery.


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