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Connectome, Mouse

  • Yoonsuck ChoeEmail author
  • Jaerock Kwon
  • David Mayerich
  • Louise C. Abbott
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The mouse connectome is a collection of all neuronal connections in the mouse brain, i.e., a complete wiring diagram of the mouse brain.

Detailed Description

The concept of connectome (Sporns et al. 2005; Seung 2012; Sporns 2012) has rapidly grown into a central theme in neuroscience and specifically in computational neuroscience and computational neuroanatomy. So far, as of 2013, the only existing connectome is that of the nematode C. elegans (White et al. 1986). Once obtained, the connectome of the mouse is expected to have significant scientific and clinical impact, due to (1) strong architectural and genetic similarities between the mouse and humans, (2) the extensive body of experimental studies involving the organism, and (3) the availability of a large array of transgenic, knockin, and knockout variants and molecular probes to infer function from the connectome structure (Chinwalla et al. 2002).

Acquisition of the Mouse Connectome

Rapid development in imaging...

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