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Diffusion Equation

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  • Toma M. Marinov
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The diffusion equation (DE) is a second-order parabolic partial differential equation describing mass transport phenomena due to thermal motion of particles (Crank 1975).

Detailed Description

Diffusion is an important transport mechanism in neurons (Bloodgood 2005; Ehlers et al 2007; Korkotian and Segal 2006; Makin and Malinow 2009; Qian and Sejnowki 1988; Renner et al. 2009; Sabatini et al. 2002; Santamaria 2006; Schmidt 2007a. Smith et al. 1993; Soler and Sabatini 2006). It takes place in the cytosol, the cell membrane and the endoplasmic reticulum. Subject to diffusion are both ions (Ca +, Na +, K +, Cl-, etc) and large complex molecules (lipids, proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.). The physical process of diffusion in absence of any chemical reactions is described by the diffusion equation:
$$ \frac{\partial C\left(\mathbf{x},t\right)}{\partial t}=\nabla \cdotp \left(D\left(\mathbf{x},t\right)\nabla C\left(\mathbf{x},t\right)\right) $$


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