Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

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  • Stephen P. Borgatti
  • Martin G. Everett
  • Linton C. Freeman
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Social capital

The potential benefit of having certain ties or occupying a certain position in the network


Tool’s ID card:
  • Title: UCINET for Windows: Software Package for Social Network Analysis

  • Creation date: 1992 (current incarnation, first appeared in 1983)

  • Authors: Borgatti SP, Everett MG, Freeman LC

  • Specialization: General social network analysis

  • Copyright: Commercial

  • Type: Program

  • Size limits: approximately 10,000 nodes

  • Platforms: Windows

  • Programming language: Delphi

  • Orientation: social science data analysis


UCINET is a general package for social network analysis. It is mostly used in the social sciences to analyze sociometric survey data. The program features a large number of metrics that can be used to characterize whole networks and positions of nodes within networks. It also features a number of analytical techniques such as finding cohesive subgroups (clustering), blockmodeling, and...

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The UCINET team acknowledges the help of hundreds of individuals who have reported bugs, suggested improvements, submitted algorithms, and so on.


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