Labral Reconstruction Using Hamstring Autograft/Allograft

  • Michael J. Salata
  • Richard C. MatherIII
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Arthroscopic procedures of the femoral acetabular joint have become much more common in recent years as advances in surgical instrumentation and diagnostics have become available. Indications for various surgical procedures continue to evolve, and new problems have become recognized as potential etiologies that lead to pain and disability in certain patient populations. As the arthroscopic treatment of labral pathology has evolved, the need for advanced reconstructive techniques for certain labral conditions has also been developed. As with all surgical procedures, appropriate patient indications are paramount, and a reliable and reproducible surgical technique to address these challenging clinical issues is required. This chapter will address a method for reconstruction of the acetabular labrum.


Hamstring Graft Pilot Hole Labral Repair Labral Pathology Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome 
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