Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience

2015 Edition
| Editors: Dieter Jaeger, Ranu Jung

Cx3D: Cortex Simulation in 3D

  • Andreas HauriEmail author
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-6675-8_794


Cx3D (pronounced Cortex 3D) is a simulation tool for simulating the growth primarily of neural tissue but is also capable of simulating other tissue growth. Cx3D allows a modeler to simulate the behavior of cells and their axonal and dendritic extensions in an artificial environment. Each cell can interact locally with its environment that consists of other cells and a chemical environment. The emphasis in Cx3D is on the local behavior of cells and the emergence of a global structure through the local behavior of the cells. It is not concerned with the simulation of an individual cell’s internal environment but how multiple cells can organize themselves.

Detailed Description

In order to understand how tissue forms, and therefore how parts of the body of a multicellular organism form, we must study how cells organize themselves into these composites. Each cell is an individual; it has an internal environment of chemicals that is separated by a membrane from the external...

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