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Monitoring Lactic Acid Bacterial Diversity During Shochu Fermentation

  • Akihito EndoEmail author
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The composition of lactic acid bacteria during fermentation of Japanese traditional distilled spirit is reviewed.


Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit made from several starchy materials. Fermentation of alcoholic beverages is usually carried out by combination of several microorganisms. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are well known to play beneficial roles in several food fermentations, including dairy products, vegetables, and meat. This bacterial group is also beneficial for fermentation of beverages, e.g., aroma production and reduction of acid level in wines and growth prevention of spoilage microorganisms in sake. Recent culture-dependent and culture-independent study revealed that LAB can be seen in fermentation mashes of shochu. In the present chapter, lactic acid bacterial diversity during shochu fermentation is briefly reviewed.

Shochu Fermentation

Shochuis a popular Japanese distilled spirit and is...


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