Sustainable Built Environments

2013 Edition
| Editors: Vivian Loftness, Dagmar Haase

Passive House (Passivhaus)

  • Katrin Klingenberg
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Performance based energy metrics and Passive Design Standards, history, development, methods and tools, current state of implementation, and future outlook.


The Passive House Building Energy Standard is the most ambitious energy standard in the world. Buildings account for 40–50% of the total US carbon emissions – depending on how the sector is defined – stemming from buildings. The Passive House design and construction approach proposes to slash space conditioning energy consumption of buildings by up to an amazing 90–95% and overall energy use of space conditioning and household electricity by 70–80%, depending on which reference baseline home or energy code is used for comparison. Thousands of homes as well as educational and commercial buildings have been built or remodeled to meet the Passive House standard in Europe. Widespread application of Passive House design principles and construction methods in the USA – to both new construction...

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