Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms

2015 Edition
| Editors: Henrik Hargitai, Ákos Kereszturi

Ringed Peak-Cluster Basin

  • Henrik HargitaiEmail author
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Complex impact crater that has a central ring of peaks.


A type of  complex crater.


Ringed peak-cluster basins are a subset of complex craters. Ringed peak-cluster basins, like peak-ring basins, have a single interior ring of peaks without a central peak. They overlap in rim-crest diameter with protobasins and also occur at diameters well below the transition to peak-ring basins (Baker et al. 2011b). They differ from peak-ring basins in that the diameter of their peak rings relative to their rim-crest diameter is smaller.

Classifying them as a separate type is supported by the observation that ringed peak-cluster basins diverge from the continuous trend of ring/rim-crest ratios shared by protobasins and peak-ring basins (Baker et al. 2011b).


The ring/rim-crest ratios are around 0.2 on Mercury as compared to ∼0.4 for protobasins and ∼0.5 for peak-ring basins. The diameters of ringed peak-cluster basins range between 73 and 133 km on Mercury...

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