Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms

2015 Edition
| Editors: Henrik Hargitai, Ákos Kereszturi

Catena, Catenae

  • Henrik Hargitai
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A descriptor term used in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.


Chain of craters (Contopoulos and Jappel 1973; IAU Gazetteer 2014).

Previous Definitions

Chain: chain of distinct craters (Wilhelms 1987 p. 3); crater chain, a chain, or line of craters (de Vaucouleur et al. 1975).

Origin of Term

Chain, Latin.

History of Nomenclature

Added in 1973 (Contopoulos and Jappel 1973). Names of Lunar catenae are in reverse order (descriptor term is the first element).

See Also


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