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Ribbon Tessera

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Ribbon tessera (Hansen and Willis 1996; Pritchard et al. 1997; Hansen and Willis 1998) comprised of narrow (∼1–3 km), long (10s to over a 100 km), linear alternating troughs and ridges; short (<2 km) to long (∼30 km) wavelength folds, generally perpendicular to ribbon troughs, occur in spatial association with ribbons; short (tens of kilometers), wide (∼10–25 km) graben can also occur (e.g., Bindschadler and Parmentier 1990; Bindschadler and Head 1991; Bindschadler et al. 1992a, b; Ivanov and Head 1996; Hansen and Willis 1996; Ghent and Hansen 1999; Brown and Grimm 1999; Banks and Hansen 2000; Hansen et al. 2000).


A type of  tessera.


 Complex ridge terrain; Ribbon tessera terrain;  Tessera; Tessera terrain


Ribbon terrain represents an apparently unique tectonic terrain type. As originally noted by Bindschadler et al. (1992a), long, narrow, steep-sided ribbon troughs and ridges are morphologically unique. Opposite trough walls either join via...

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