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2013 Edition
| Editors: Robert H. Kretsinger, Vladimir N. Uversky, Eugene A. Permyakov

Boron Stress Tolerance, YMR279c and YOR378w

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The essentiality of boron for plants has been known for about 90 years. And it is also necessary for the growth and development of various species. Boron deficiency and toxicity is associated with several defects in these organisms. Thus, regulation of the boron intake and efflux is essential. Transporters constitute an important place in this sense.

There are several genes that play a role in boron transport and tolerance. The first identified boron transporter was Arabidopsis thaliana BOR1 and homologs of BOR1 were found in many organisms (Takano et al. 2002). The yeast homolog of BOR1 (YNL275W) was the first identified gene related with boron metabolism. It is localized to the plasma membrane and has an efflux function (Takano et al. 2007). Dur3 and Fps1 were suggested to have roles in boron tolerance in yeast, but the mechanism in which these genes function is not clear (Nozawa et al. 2006...

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