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Run-to-Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Run-to-run (R2R) control is a form of adaptive model-based process control that can be tailored to environments where the process is discrete, dynamic, and highly unobservable; this is characteristic of processes in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It generally has, at its roots, a rather straightforward approach to adaptive model-based control such as a first-order linear plant model with moving average weighting applied to adapt the (zeroth-order) constant term in the model. Most of the complexity of R2R control science lies and will continue to lie in extensions to support practical application of R2R control in semiconductor manufacturing facilities of the future; these extensions include support for weighting and bounding of parameters, run-time modeling of a large number of disturbance types, and incorporating prediction information such as virtual metrology and yield prediction into the control solution.


Run-to-run control R2R control Advanced Process Control (APC) Wafer-to-wafer control Model-based control EWMA control Adaptive control Single-threaded control Virtual metrology Yield prediction Feed-forward and feedback control 
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