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Schur, Adolf Christian Wilhelm

  • Anneliese Schnell
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BornAltona (Hamburg, Germany), 15 April 1846

DiedGöttingen, Germany, 1 July 1901

Wilhelm Schur was director of the Göttingen Observatory and, after the death of  Ernst Klinkerfues, continued his work and that of  Carl Gauss. His father was F. W. Schur, a wine merchant. His mother was born Johanna Tohrmählen. Adolf married Lucie Thorn in 1883.

Schur was the step-grandson of Christian August Friedrich Peters, director of the Hamburg Observatory in Altona after 1854 and editor of the Astronomische Nachrichten. Through Peters, Schur became interested in astronomy at an early age. He studied at the universities of Kiel and Göttingen, the latter at which he obtained his Ph.D. with an orbit determination of 70 Ophiuchi. In 1868, he moved to Berlin and spent some time working with  Arthur Auwers. Schur also worked at a geodetic institute (Centralbureau der Europäischen Gradmessung). In 1873,  Friedrich Winneckeinvited him to Straßburg. His nearly 10 years in Straßburg were interrupted only...

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