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Seidel, Philipp Ludwig

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BornZweibrücken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, 24 October 1821

DiedMunich, Germany, 13 August 1896

Philipp Seidel was a specialist in optical theory. His father was Justus Christian Felix Seidel, a postal clerk. His mother was born Julia Reinhold.

Seidel’s father’s work caused him to relocate often. As a result, Philipp attended different schools, finishing in Hof. One of his teachers in Hof was Ludwig Christoph Schnürlein, a pupil of  Carl Gauss. Schnürlein especially encouraged Seidel’s mathematical talent. Seidel studied at the universities in Berlin, Königsberg, and Munich. In Berlin, he was taught by  Johann Encke and in Königsberg by  Friedrich Bessel, Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, and Friedrich Neumann. Seidel received an excellent preparation in mathematics.

In 1843, Seidel transferred to Munich. By a recommendation from Bessel, he met Carl August von Steinheil, a professor at the University of Munich. In 1846, Seidel finished his Ph.D. thesis, bearing the title, Über die beste Form...

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