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Sobolev, Victor Victorovich

  • Alexander A. Gurshtein
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BornPetrograd (St. Petersburg), Russia, 20 August/2 September 1915

DiedSaint Petersburg, Russia, 7 January 1999

Victor Sobolev gave his name to the Sobolev approximation (in which continuum opacity is neglected when calculating spectral line profiles from rapidly flowing gas) and was one of the leading Soviet theorists in astrophysics in his time, as well as an outstanding pedagogue. He was the head of the modern prolific Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) astrophysical school. Today the Astronomical Institute of Saint Petersburg University is named after him. He graduated from Leningrad State University in 1938 and spent his entire life working for this university. From 1948, Sobolev was the chair of the Astrophysical Department. He became a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences from 1958. He was an academician from 1981. Never a member of the Communist Party, nevertheless Sobolev was awarded with the top Soviet decoration – Hero of Socialist Labor (1985).

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