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Carlini, Francesco

  • Pasquale Tucci
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BornMilan, (Italy), 7 January 1783

DiedCrodo (Verbania, Piedmont), Italy, 29 August 1862

Francesco Carlini was director of the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan from 1832 to his death, contributing both to theoretical and practical astronomy. Carlini was born in Milan, son of an employee at the Brera library, which was housed in the same building as the observatory. As a young boy he was already performing calculations for the astronomers.  Barnaba Oriani, a Milanese astronomer, introduced him to astronomy. Oriani was famous for his contributions to the first determination of a circular orbit for Uranus. For more than 40 years Oriani directed the scientific work of the Brera astronomers and maintained relations with most European astronomers. Carlini was admitted to the observatory as a student when he was just 16, becoming “supernumerary” astronomer in 1804, astronomer (replacing Oriani) in 1816, and director in 1832, succeeding Angelo de Cesaris. When he died, he had spent a...

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