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Abbott, Francis

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BornDerby, Derbyshire, England, 12 August 1799

DiedHobart, Tasmania, (Australia), 18 February 1883

Francis Abbott’s important contributions to Tasmanian and Australian astronomy and meteorology were overshadowed by his controversial claim to have observed shrinkage of the η Carinae nebula that he believed was evidence of the evolution of a stellar system like our Solar System.

Abbott, the son of John and Elizabeth Abbott, was baptized on 12 August 1799. Trained as a watchmaker in Derby, he established his business there and, in 1825, married Mary Woolley; they had seven children. In 1831 Abbott moved to Manchester where he ran a successful business manufacturing clocks, watches, and astronomical machinery until 1844 when he was found guilty of obtaining two watches under false pretences. Sentenced to penal servitude, he arrived in Hobart, Australia, in June 1845, and after 4 years obtained his ticket-of-leave and set up as a watch- and clockmaker in Hobart. With the passage of time his...

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