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Curtz, Albert

  • Derek Jensen
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BornMunich, (Germany), 1600

DiedMunich, (Germany), 19 December 1671

Albert Curtz was the editor of  Tycho Brahe’s astronomical tables. He was the son of the Bavarian nobleman Philipp Curtz. After studying in the gymnasium in Munich, Curtz entered the Society of Jesus in 1616. He was appointed a teacher of mathematics in Dillingen and was later given the position of Domprediger (preacher) in Vienna. In 1646, Curtz was made the rector of the college in Neuburg, and then held the same position at schools in Eichstätt and Lucen. Sometime after again accepting the post as rector Neuburg in 1663, Curtz moved back to his birthplace of Munich.

Curtz wrote on several subjects, including military science and the Old Testament. As an author, he used the pseudonym Lucius Barrettus, an anagram of the Latinized version of his name, Albertus Curtius. Curtz took upon himself the task of editing for publication Brahe’s astronomical tables. His edition of the tables was published as Historia coelestis...

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