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Cunitz, Maria

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Alternate Names

 Cunitia, Maria;  Cunitiae, Maria

BornSilesia, (Poland), circa1604–1610

DiedPitschen (Byczyna, Poland), 22 or 24 August 1664

Maria Cunitz was one of the first modern femmes de science. The eldest daughter of Maria Schultz and Dr. Heinrich Cunitz, a learned physician, she was denied any form of university education. Her first instruction was from her father, but in 1630 she married Dr. Elias von Löwen (Elie de Loewen, who died in 1661, at Pitschen in Brieg, Silesia), who shared her interests in astronomy. Known as the “Silesian Pallas,” Cunitz did not confine her interests to Urania. By one tradition she mastered seven languages (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, Polish, Italian, and French) and was widely known for her skills in painting, music, and poetry, not to mention the “masculine” pursuits of mathematics and medicine. Private correspondence shows her interest in horoscopes and genealogy. The most noted woman astronomer since  Hypatia, Cunitz’s principal interest was...

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