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Couderc, Paul

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BornNevers, Nièvre, France, 15 July 1899

DiedParis, France, 5 February 1981

Paul Couderc is best known as a writer of approximately 15 popular works on astronomy.

Couderc, son of Jean Couderc and Marguerite Chastang, attended lycées (schools) at Nevers and Dijon, before transferring to the École Normale Supérieure at Paris, where he earned a doctorate in mathematical sciences. In 1926, he married Blanch Jurus.

Couderc was the first to explain the phenomena of light echoes observed around Nova Persei (1901) and especially their apparent, although not actual, superluminal expansion (i.e., travel at speeds faster than that of light). Although receiving little attention at the time, Couderc’s geometrical explanation was later applied to an understanding of supernovae, quasars, and even γ-ray bursts.

Couderc’s career included professorships of mathematics in lycéesat Chartres (1926–1929), Montaigne, Charlemagne, and Janson-de-Sailly at Paris (1930–1944). He was appointed an astronomer...

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