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Cholgi: Maḥmūd Shāh Cholgi

  • Gregg DeYoung
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Alternate Name

 Khaljī: Maḥmūd Shāh Khaljī

Flourishedprobably fifteenth century

Since the colophon of the Persian Zīj-i jāmiҁ mentions his name, Cholgi has traditionally been taken as the author/compiler of this collection of astronomical tables. He has been identified with the ruler of Malwah, a state in central India, from 1435 to 1469, making him, like  Ulugh Beg, both prince and mathematician. Ramsey Wright has suggested, however, that the treatise was not written by the prince himself, but rather was dedicated to him by the still-anonymous author. If the prince did indeed compose this treatise, it appears to be the only work he did in astronomy. A Persian manuscript in the Bodleian Library (Persian Manuscript Catalog, number 270) apparently chronicles the events of his reign, but no one seems to have yet examined it for any references to astronomical activity.

The introduction informs us that the treatise originally comprised an introduction (muqaddima), two chapters (bāb), and a...

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