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Chioniades, Gregor

  • Katherine Haramundanis
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Alternate Name

 Chioniades, George

BornConstantinople (Istanbul, Turkey), circa1240

DiedTrebizond (Trabzon, Turkey), circa1320

Born in Constantinople and christened George, Chioniades became a physician. Greatly attracted to mathematics, astronomy, and medical astrology, he chose to travel to Persia to further his studies. Early in 1295, he went to Trebizond (Trapezus) where he found favor with the emperor of Trebizond John II Komnenos (reigned: 1280–1297), who supported his travel and study in Persia. Between November 1295 and November 1296 he was received at the court of the Mongol Īlkhāns at Tabrīz where he studied astronomy and astrology with  Shams al-Dīn al-Bukhārī, an astronomer and teacher from Bukhārā in Central Asia. Shams al-Dīn was the author of a Persian treatise on the astrolabe that Chioniades later translated into Greek.

During his stay in Tabrīz, Chioniades amassed an important collection of astronomical works in Persian and Arabic that he took with him on his return...

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