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Chappe d’Auteroche, Jean-Baptiste

  • Richard Baum
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BornMauriac, (Cantal), France, 23 March 1728

DiedSan José del Cabo, Mexico, 1 August 1769

L’ Abbé Jean-Baptiste Chappe, who has been called “A Pathfinder for Astronomy,” is known for his strenuous efforts to observe the transits of Venus in 1761 and 1769. He was the son of Jean Chappe, Baron d’Auteroche, and as a child showed great aptitude for mathematics and for drawing plans.

Jean-Baptiste was educated at the Jesuit college at Mauriac, and later attended the Collège de Louis-le-Grand in Paris, where the Cartesian Dom Germain encouraged Chappe’s interests and inspired his passion for astronomy. Having been introduced to  Jacques Cassini (then director of the Paris Observatory in all but name) by Père de la Tour, principal of the college, Chappe was instructed to draw up plans of the royal palaces and to assist with the Carte de France. It was also at Cassini’s suggestion that he translated into French part of  Edmond Halley’s recently published tables of the Sun and the Moon....

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