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Cassiodorus, Flavius Magnus Aurelius

  • John M. McMahon
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Born(Sicily, Italy), circa485

DiedScyllacium (Squillace, Calabria, Italy), circa585

Encyclopedist Cassiodorus was born into a landed and politically prominent southern Italian family in the decade after the ascent of the Ostrogoth King Odovacer in 476. He advanced through numerous public offices under King Theodoric and his successors, becoming prefect of Italy in 533, an office he retained until his retirement in 537/538. During that time Cassiodorus worked to unite the Germanic and Italian elements in Italy. During his public career he associated with many of the leading intellectual and political figures of the day, including  Boëthius and  Dionysius Exiguus, possibly being taught by the latter and succeeding the former as magister officiorum in 523. He also planned unsuccessfully to establish a Christian school of learning at Rome (circa535). Cassiodorus later (550) spent time in Constantinople assisting Pope Vigilius with ecclesiastical and doctrinal matters, and then spent his...

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