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Cacciatore, Niccolò

  • Ileana Chinnici
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BornCasteltermini near Agrigento, (Sicily, Italy), 26 January 1780

DiedPalermo, (Sicily, Italy), 28 January 1841

Niccolò Cacciatore was  Giuseppe Piazzi’s successor as Director of Palermo Astronomical Observatory. The guidance of his uncle, Innocenzo Cacciatore. After taking minor orders in 1796, Niccolò taught Greek in the seminary of Agrigento. Then he moved to Palermo to study under Giovanni Agostino de Cosmi, who presented Cacciatore to Piazzi, director of the Palermo Astronomical Observatory. Piazzi encouraged the young man to work at the observatory, and in 1800 Cacciatore was appointed assistant. In 1817, on Piazzi’s recommendation Cacciatore became directorof palermo Observatory, when Piazzi was appointed General Director of the Observatories of Naples and Palermo. After the death of Niccolò, his son Gaetano took his place as director.

Niccolò Cacciatore was fellow of the Royal Society of London, member of the Società Italiana delle Scienze (dei XL), and Secretary of the...

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