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Sundman, Karl Frithiof

  • Raimo Lehti
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BornKaskinen, Finland, 25 October 1873

DiedHelsinki, Finland, 28 September 1949

Karl Sundman is most widely remembered for his analytic solution to the so-called three-body problem and for his design of an analog computer, which was planned to perform the power series calculations needed for modeling planetary perturbations. He was the son of custom-house officer Johan Frithiof Sundman and Adolfina Fredrika Rosenqvist. His parents attempted to train him as a fisherman, but the boy was interested in academic learning and prepared privately for admission to the Imperial Alexander University at Helsinki. There, he studied mathematics and physical sciences (1893–1897) and also assisted in the bureau for stellar photography at the local astronomical observatory. From 1897 to 1899, Sundman studied at the Pulkovo Observatory, where he examined the orbital motions of the minor planets. His doctoral dissertation (1901) addressed the perturbations of minor planets having a mean motion twice that...

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