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Struve, Otto

  • Ronald A. Schorn
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BornKharkov, (Ukraine), 12 August 1897

DiedBerkeley, California, USA, 6 April 1963

Russian-American stellar astronomer Otto Struve contributed to our understanding of the spectra of stars and nebulae, binary stars, the interstellar medium, and stellar structure and evolution. He was the great-grandson of  Friedrich Struve, the grandson of  Otto Wilhelm Struve, the nephew of  Karl Struve, and the son of  Gustav Struve, professor of astronomy at Kharkov University, and his wife Elizabeth.

Otto Struve had begun studies in astronomy at Kharkov University but enlisted in the Imperial Russian Army in 1916. At the end of World War I, he returned to his studies, completing a diploma (BS) in 1919 and then rejoined the army as a lieutenant in the White Russian forces opposing the revolution. When that cause was lost, he and many others fled to Turkey, where Struve attempted to make contact with members of his immediate family (few of whom survived). He got in touch with a German aunt who...

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