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Stroobant, Paul-Henri

  • Jordan D. MarchéII
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BornIxelles, Belgium, 11 April 1868

DiedBrussels, Belgium, 15 July 1936

Paul Stroobant directed the Royal Observatory at Uccle, Belgium, and contributed to a number of astronomical specialties, including the study and discovery of minor planets. Before he was 20 years old, he observed the bright comets of 1882 (C/1882 RI) and 1885 and became a voluntary assistant at the Royal Observatory. Stroobant earned a doctorate in mathematics and physics from the University of Brussels in 1889. During the following year, he studied at the Sorbonne, Paris and the Observatoire de Paris.

In 1891, Stroobant returned to Belgium and joined the staff of the Royal Observatory as assistant astronomer. He was to spend the remainder of his career there, becoming in succession assistant director (1918) and director (1925), succeeding Georges Lecointe. He retired only a few weeks before his death. Stroobant also served as professor of astronomy at the University of Brussels after 1896. He presided over its...

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