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Strömgren, Svante Elis

  • Helge Kragh
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BornHelsingborg, Sweden, 31 May 1870

DiedCopenhagen, Denmark, 5 April 1947

Swedish-Danish Elis Strömgren was an astronomer of the classical school, all of his scientific work being in areas of astrometry and celestial mechanics. As professor of astronomy in Copenhagen, 1907–1940, he had decisive influence on Danish astronomy, and he also was an important figure in international astronomical organizations. His wife (married 1902), Hedvig Strömgren, was a dentist, feminist, and successful author of novels. One of their sons,  Bengt Strömgren, became a leading astrophysicist. When Strömgren senior resigned from his position as director of the Copenhagen Observatory in 1940, his son succeeded him.

Elis Strömgren studied astronomy at the University of Lund, Sweden, and in 1898 received his doctoral degree. He spent the years 1901–1907 in Kiel as lecturer and assistant editor of Astronomische Nachrichten. From 1920 until his death in 1947, he was chief editor of Nordisk Astronomisk Selskab,...

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