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Stone, Edward James

  • Jordan D. MarchéII
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BornLondon, England, 28 February 1831

DiedOxford, England, 9 May 1897

Edward Stone served as Her Majesty’s Astronomer at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope (1870–1879), where he compiled data on more than 12,000 stars for the Cape Catalogue. Stone was the son of Edward Stone, a London businessman. Educated at home until the age of 20, he first attended King’s College, London, but then transferred to Queen’s College, Cambridge, from which he graduated as fifth wrangler in 1859. Stone was subsequently offered a fellowship from the college.

In 1860, Stone succeeded Reverend Robert Main as chief assistant at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Over the coming decade, he accomplished a number of duties under director  George Airy. One of his principal investigations concerned a reanalysis of data from the 1769 transit of Venus, with a view of deriving the most accurate value of the solar parallax (giving the Earth’s true distance from the Sun). For this work, Stone was awarded the Gold...

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