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Sternberg, Pavel Karlovich

  • Alexander A. Gurshtein
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Alternate Name

 Shternberg, Pavel Karlovich

BornOrel, Russia, 2 April 1865

DiedMoscow, (Russia), 1 February 1920

Pavel Sternberg’s career featured diverse scientific, educational, and political accomplishments. The son of a tradesman, Sternberg graduated from the Orel Gymnasium in 1883 and then entered Moscow University in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. He assisted  Fedor Bredikhin in cometary research at the university’s observatory. For his investigation of the longevity of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Sternberg was awarded a gold medal in the year of his graduation (1887).

Sternberg subsequently prepared for an academic career. He earned a master’s degree (1903) with a study on polar motion and its influence upon the observatory’s latitude. Sternberg was also awarded a doctoral degree (1913) with a thesis on the theory and practice of photographic astrometry, derived from work with the observatory’s 15-in. double astrograph. His other principal interest concerned gravimetry,...

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